Development Projects and Subdivisions


Project Name

Project Type



Approval Date

Weddington Glen

Conditional Zoning Amendment

Hemby/Weddington Matthews Road

revised Plat


Hemby Place

Final Plat

Hemby and Providence Roads

Final Plat


Weddington Green

Conditional Zoning/Mixed-Use

Providence Road

Weddington Road

Responses to April Public Comments 4/29/2022

Revised Submittal 4/28/2022

Development Standards 4/28/2022

Responses to 3/14/22 Public Hearing Comments

Revised Submittal 4/1/22

Development Standards 4/1/22

Applicant's Presentation 3/14/2022

Development Standards 3/9/22

Submittal to the Town Council

Traffic Impact Analysis

Submittal to Planning Board

Development Standards 2/28/22

Prelim sketch

Community Meeting presentation

Community Meeting Report

 Application Denied 5/9/2022

Haven Estates

**Community Meetings scheduled for Wednesday, December 8, 2021

1st meeting from 5:30-6:15 p.m. 

2nd meeting from 6:30-7:15 p.m. 

Conditional Zoning/Residential

Lochaven Road

Sketch Plan-resubmitted 12/8/2021

Proposed Development Standards


Weddington Glen

Preliminary Plat

Hemby/Matthews Weddington Rd

Preliminary Plat


Belle Mar

Sketch Plan

Old Mill Rd

Preliminary Plat

Sketch Plan


Roots Farm

Conditional Zoning

530 S Providence Rd


Cardinal Row

Preliminary Plat

Weddington Rd west of Lester Davis

Preliminary Plat


Christ Lutheran Church

Conditional District Amendment

Rea at Reid Dairy Rd

Site Plan



Atherton Phase 5

Sketch Plan

Summer Harvest Drive and Shadowmere Lane

Sketch Plan


Wesley Chapel Volunteer FD

Construction Plans/DRB

Rea at Reid Dairy Rd

Elevations, Landscaping, and Signs


Harlow's Crossing Phase 2

Final Plat

Northeast corner of Beulah Church Rd and Weddington Matthews Rd

Final Plat


Hemby Place

Prelim Plat

Hemby and Providence Road

Prelim Plat



Eagles Landing Subdivision

Sketch Plan

Newtown Road

Sketch Plan


Fox Run 

Minor Subdivision

Red Fox Trail

Final Plat


CanisteoFinal PlatDeal Road and Weddington RoadFinal Plat11/13/2018
Weddington Fitness CenterConditional Rezoning5207 Monroe Weddington RoadConditional Rezoning10/8/2018
Christ Lutheran ChurchConditional RezoningReid Dairy Road and Rea RoadConditional Rezoning10/8/2018
The Falls - Phase 3Final PlatBetween Vintage Creek Drive and Antioch Church RdFinal Plat10/8/2018
Weddington AcresFinal PlatMatthews Weddington Road and Antioch Church RoadFinal Plat9/10/2018
Woodford ChasePreliminary Plat/Construction PlansWeddington Rd near Lester DavisPreliminary Plat06/11/2018
Wesley Chapel Volunteer Fire DepartmentConditional RezoningCorner of Reid Dairy Road and Rea RdConditional Rezoning06/11/2018
Harlows Crossing - Phase 1; Map 2Final PlatNortheast corner of Beulah Church & Weddington Matthews RdsFinal Plat04/09/2018
Wesley Chapel Volunteer Fire DepartmentRezoningCorner of Reid Dairy Road and Rea RdRezoning04/09/2018
Atherton - Phase 2; Map 4Final PlatWeddington Matthews, Hwy 84 and Cox RoadFinal Plat04/09/2018
Weddington Matthews Rd Subdivision DevelopmentConservation SubdivisionSouthwest corner of Hemby and Weddington-Matthews Rds.Construction Plans2/12/2018
Weddington Acres (formerly Graham Allen)Final PlatMatthews Weddington Road and Antioch Church RoadFinal Plat1/08/2018
Weddington Swim and Racquet ClubCUP Amendment4315 Weddington Matthews RdSite Plan12/11/2017
Harlow's Crossing (formerly Carrindgon)Revised Final PlatHemby/Weddington Matthews Rds and Beulah Church/Weddington Matthews RdsRevised Final Plat11/13/2017
All Saints - Parking Addition and Lighting requestConditional District Amendment5328 Hemby RdSite Plan10/9/2017
WUMC - ColumbariumConditional DistrictNC 16 and Hwy 84Elevation/Floor Plan10/9/2017
Canisteo - Formerly Deal Rd. SubdivisionRCD SubdivisionDeal Rd and Weddington RdPreliminary Plat - 1st Submittal10/9/2017
Graham Allen SubdivisionConventional Subdivision Matthews Weddington Road and Antioch Church RoadPreliminary Plat 7/10/2017
Carringdon SubdivisionRCD SubdivisionHemby/Weddington Matthews Rds and Beulah Church/Weddington Matthews RdsFinal Plat6/12/2017