Waste and Recycling Frequenty Asked Questions

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2024 Recycling Calendar

Who should I contact when I have a problem or question about my trash service?
For the fastest service and resolution of your problem/question, we advise you to call Active Waste customer service first. Phone: 704-626-7400. If you are not receiving help or getting a response from Active Waste, or if you believe something needs to be escalated to our attention you can contact us at 704-846-2709 or through the Town of Weddington website: Report a Concern | Town of Weddington

Why did Weddington contract with Active Waste?
The Weddington Town Council decided to initiate this service for better service and performance, increased safety in our neighborhoods, preservation of neighborhood roads, lower annual costs to residents, standardized collection days, and reduced emissions.

How can I contact Active Waste?
You can contact Active Waste by Phone: 704-626-7400, by Email: info@activewastesolutions.com, or through their website: www.activewastesolutions.com.

When will I receive my new trash bins?
Rollout container delivery for residents who are NOT currently using Active Waste Solutions will delivered the second and third week in December.

Can I order extra trash bins?
Extra Bins: Additional container(s) for garbage or recycling are available for an initial fee of $30, plus $10 per month collection fee billed by Active Waste Solutions directly to the resident. Call Active Waste Solutions at 704 -626-7400 to request additional containers.

When should I cancel my current trash service?
If you have another vendor, you need to schedule cancellation of current service, effective January 2, 2023, and request they pick up their containers. Current Active Waste Solutions customers do NOT have to call or change containers.

How will I know my collection date?
The garbage and recycling collection days in your area can be found here.  Single Stream recycling (comingled plastic, aluminum, and metal food and beverage containers along with magazines, newspaper, junk mail, and cardboard) will be collected one week and glass-only recycling will be collected in a small separate roll-out container on the opposite week by a separate truck.

What time should we leave out trash bins on our pickup day?
We suggest you leave your trash bins out the night before your pickup day because pickup times can vary. If you must wait until the day of your pickup, Active Waste requests that your bins be ready by 7 a.m.

What if I can’t physically take my trash bin to the curb?
Customers who physically cannot get containers to the curb will be provided back door service upon request with a doctor's note, free of charge. Contact Active Waste Solutions for more information, 704-626-7400.

Are there any service options for those with very long driveways?
Additional service for residents who have long drives that do not want to push carts to the roadside are available at an extra cost.  Contact Active Waste Solutions for more information, at 704-626-7400 and ask about “Valet back door” service. The fee for this extra service is in addition to what is collected through your taxes and is billed to you directly through Active Waste. The cost for valet service of one container weekly is $50 per month; the cost for an extra container is $10, billed directly to the homeowner.

How much does Active Waste cost?
For January through June of 2023, your Active Waste fees will be billed in December of 2022. That amount will be $132. For service from July 2023 through June 2024, your fees will be included on the 2023 tax bill and will be $264. That comes out to $66 per quarter.

What if I am a new homeowner in Weddington?
New Residents will pay their pro-rated service fee through the Town of Weddington. Please contact us at 704-846-2709.

What if I am not technically a Weddington resident?
If you are not a resident of Weddington, you will NOT be serviced by us and will need to find your own vendor.

What items can I recycle?
The list of what can and cannot be recycled is vast. Please visit the Active Waste Solutions - Recycling website for details and the most up-to-date lists.

Can Active Waste dispose of paint or chemicals?
We do not accept paint or chemicals.  They can be disposed of at Foxhole Recycling Center - 17131 Lancaster Highway, Charlotte, N.C.

Can Active Waste recycle glass?
Glass collection will be on the opposite weeks of single-stream recycling and will use a separate bin from the single-stream recycling

Is there a charge for bulk items such as furniture, appliances and rugs?
Bulk pick-up is $18 plus the cost of the item. If you need to schedule bulk pickups throughout the year, you would need to contact Active directly to schedule the pickup. For a list of the item costs, please visit the town website.

What types of trash can be thrown away in Residential bins?
Regular household trash is fine to throw away.  If another bin is needed, please call the office to add that onto the account.  Additional charges will apply.  Construction materials, dirt, or mulch should not be placed in residential toters. It will not be picked up.  For additional service or dumpster rental, please contact our office.

Is mixing recycling and household waste allowed?  

Absolutely not! In the event any resident sees this activity taking place after January 2, 2023; please take photos and report to Town Hall immediately. There are penalties in place to charge hefty fines for this activity.

 What if I don’t want to receive these services?

Every Weddington household is assessed this fee, regardless of whether they choose to receive service; this is how we were able to keep costs so low with better services.

 What services will be provided?

Services will include weekly solid waste (household trash), recycling (single stream and glass on opposite weeks) pick-up.


For more details, please visit Waste and Recycling Collection | Town of Weddington