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Service Agreement with Active Waste Solutions

Call Active Waste for customer service at 704-626-7400 

Email: info@activewastesolutions.com


The Town of Weddington has contracted with Active Waste Solutions to provide Town-wide household garbage collection starting the first week of January 2023.  The contract with Active Waste Solutions includes waste, single-stream recycling, glass recycling, and optional additional services. It will provide significant cost savings over your current subscription service. The Town will be billing residents $264 for service from July 2023 through June 2024 with the municipal property tax bills. 

The garbage and recycling collection days in your area will be communicated several weeks prior to the contract start date. They will also be posted on the town website.  Single Stream recycling (comingled plastic, aluminum, and metal food and beverage containers along with magazines, newspaper, junk mail, and cardboard) will be collected one week and glass-only recycling will be collected in a small separate roll-out container every other week by a separate truck. 

All residents will be receiving three (3) roll-out containers: one for household garbage, one for single-stream recycling, and one for glass-only recycling. Rollout container delivery for customers not currently using Active Waste Solutions will be communicated in a website post as well as by email. Both existing and new customers will receive a small new rollout container for glass only.

Rollout container delivery for customers not currently using Active Waste Solutions will be communicated in a website post as well as by email. All customers (current and new) will receive a small rollout container for glass only.

Current Active Waste Solutions subscription customers do not need to call Active Waste Solutions to cancel their subscription service. Residents who use another vendor should schedule the cancelation of their current service with that vendor effective January 2.  Current Active Waste Customers will continue to use their existing containers for garbage and single stream effective January 2nd.

Active Waste Solutions provides complete customer service for the Town of Weddington. The customer service number is 704-626-7400. Customer service is available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with the exception of the holidays which will be communicated at a later date.


Rules for Garbage.

  • Please place your trash in standard kitchen garbage bags at least 13 gallons in size with drawstrings to prevent litter.
  • Have containers out to the curb the night before or latest by 7 AM on your pickup day.
  • The handle of the container should face your house to prevent lid breakage during automated collection.
  • Please leave three feet between the garbage and recycling container as the collection truck’s automated arm must fit between the two, and three feet away from any object such as a mailbox or tree. Preferably one can at each corner of the driveway apron.
  • No liquids, chemicals, paint, or other potentially hazardous material. These can present danger to the collection workers when compacted together in a truck including fire and noxious clouds.  The Mecklenburg County Foxhole Landfill accepts these materials for a fee.  Union County also has an annual Household Hazardous Waste Cleanup Day at no charge to County residents.  Contact the Union County Recycling Office at (704) 296-4213 for the date of that event.


Rules for Commingle Single Stream Recycling

  • Acceptable items include Plastic bottles, jugs and jars, aluminum and steel food and beverage containers, paper products including junk mail, newspapers, magazines, and cardboard. All containers should be rinsed, with caps, lids, pumps, etc. removed.
  • DO NOT bag recyclables. Bags will not be emptied at the processing facility and all the recycling will end up in a landfill. 
  • DO NOT place plastic bags in the recycling container. They damage conveyor systems when placed in comingled containers.  Many supermarkets recycle these separately. 
  • WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT If you are not sure if an item can be recycled, it is better to put it in the garbage versus the recycling bin. Only the items listed above should go in the Commingled Single Stream recycling container.  Your rigorous cooperation ensures clean, domestically marketable materials.  Contaminated loads can result in the entire load being rejected and sent to a landfill. 



Glass containers themselves are a very marketable item, however, a large portion of glass put in a Commingled Single Stream container will break during processing at the recycling separation facility.  This broken glass is screened out along with dirt, rocks, bottle caps and other contaminates at this facility and ends up going to a landfill.  The broken glass is also very abrasive and damages conveyor belts and equipment.

Under an agreement with The Town of Weddington, Union County Solid Waste, and Strategic Materials in Wilson, NC, Active Waste Solutions will collect rinsed food and beverage bottles and jars separately from other recyclables, transport them to Union County’s Solid Waste Management Facility where they will be transferred directly to Strategic Materials facility in Wilson, North Carolina.  Strategic markets 2 million tons of processed glass cullet in 50 locations in North America to various manufacturers of new products.  ALL your glass food and beverage containers get recycled!



  • NO ceramic materials such as coffee mugs. They explode during firing in a glass kiln.
  • NO window, mirror, or automotive glass.
  • Rinsed Glass Jars and Bottles ONLY.


Yard waste pick-up is not included in the services the town of Weddington contracted for, however, Active Waste Solutions is happily providing it to individual residents who wish to pay for the service separately.

Process - Residents must call Active Waste Solutions’ customer service at 704-626-7400 if they wish to schedule yard waste service at their homes.

Residents must pay in advance for the service. 

When residents call, they should state the exact number of bags they wish to be picked up. The number of yard waste bags at the curb must equal the amount paid for through customer service. If there are more bags at the curb than the resident paid for, the additional bags will not be picked up.

Rates - The rate for pick-up of 5 25-gallon clear plastic bags is $12.00 per pick-up. The rate for each additional bag is $2.00.


  • Yard Waste must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled day of service.  
  • Items such as grass clippings, shrubbery trimmings, and leaves collected by the homeowner must be placed in CLEAR plastic bags no larger than 25 gallons in size.
  • Paper lawn and leaf bags are NOT permitted as Union County’s yard waste composting facility rules state.
  • Limbs should be placed loose at the curb or in a personal container.
  • Limb pile should be no more than 5 feet in length and 3 feet high. 
  • Limbs must be less than 12 inches in diameter. 

 Please note that both the Mecklenburg County Foxhole and Union County Austin Chaney Road compost sites will accept large piles for a fee.

 What will not be collected:

  • Yard debris generated by landscapers or tree companies.
  • Larger quantities of limb piles. 
  • Paper, lawn, and leaf bags are NOT permitted as Union County’s yard waste.
  • Dirt, Sod, Rock, Brick, and any other debris not defined above.
  • Stumps, root balls, dirt, etc. will not be collected.

Christmas Trees - Please call for Christmas tree removal. The cost is $30 per tree paid in advance and collection days are to be determined. All ornaments, tinsel, tree stands, wires, and lights must be removed.  Trees larger than 7 feet should be cut in half before placing them at the curb.

2023 Bulk items and rates

To our valued Weddington customers, this is a list of bulk items we will accept and their pricing. This list may be revised and updated from time to time at the discretion of Active Waste Solutions.

Any items not on the list are not accepted and based on local regulations, certain items may be removed. Individual pick-ups must be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Call customer service at 704-626-7400 to schedule a pick-up.

 There is a standard service fee of $18.00 in addition to the cost per item.

Bulk pick-up service is not included in the contract with the Town and must be paid for individually.

 Acceptable Bulk Waste Items:

▪ Air conditioners - Window units only not to exceed 45 lbs. -$75.00

▪ Appliances (residential stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers); must be empty; refrigerators/freezers- remove doors -$125.00 per item

▪ Basketball goal (portable) - Remove concrete base & dismantle; concrete will not be collected - $85.00 per item

▪ Bed and bed frames – Dismantled $50.00 per item

▪ Bicycles $25.00 per item

▪ Carpet/floor coverings- Roll & cut no longer than 4 ft.; Up to 4- rolls accepted (max. 25-lbs each) $35.00

▪ Couches/Chairs $125.00 per item

▪ Computers $25.00 per item

▪ China cabinet hutches - Empty; tape any glass - $120.00 per item

▪ Desks/Dressers – Empty $50.00 per item

▪ Entertainment centers - Empty; tape any glass - $60.00 per item

▪ Fencing – wood only (no metal fences) Remove or flatten protruding nails; limited to 45 lbs. $35.00 for one bundle

▪ Fireplace inserts - Remove bricks (no bricks collected) $25.00 per insert

▪ Garbage cans - Tag with a note indicating to take the can $10.00 per can

▪ Glass doors, windows, table inserts - Using tape, make an X over the glass and place at curbside $40.00 per item.

▪ Grills - Remove propane tanks; 45 lbs. or less. No commercial grills. $35.00 per item

▪ Gutters - 4 ft. or less. $25 per bundle limited to 5 4-foot-long pieces

▪ Lawnmowers - Remove gasoline and battery, if applicable. $35.00 per item

▪ Linoleum - Roll & cut no longer than 4 ft.; Up to 4- rolls accepted (max. 10 lbs each) $50.00

▪ Mattresses – can be rejected upon sight of any contamination or not accepted at all based on regulation at landfills $100.00 per mattress

▪ Patio furniture - $40.00 per item

▪ Pianos or organs - 45 lbs. or less; dismantle. $50.00 per item

▪ Play sets/swing sets- Remove concrete base and dismantle, remove or flatten nails - $125.00 per item

▪ Plumbing materials - $20 per item

▪ Plywood & paneling - No larger than 1 in. thick x 4 ft. x 4 ft. - $50.00

▪ Pool Covers - Folded; only folded covers 45 lbs. or less will be collected. $75.00

▪ Space heaters, oil, and kerosene heaters; Must be emptied -$50 per item

▪ Televisions - no consoles – weight limit 45 lbs. $50.00 per item

▪ Toys (large) $10 per toy

▪ Windows- Tape all glass – not to exceed 45 lbs. $45.00 per item