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On September 19, 2022, the Town implemented new software for the intake and processing of Zoning Permits. This new software requires that all plans included as part of a Zoning Permit submittal be provided as a PDF (other files types are not supported). Zoning Permit applications that are mailed or emailed to the Town will not be accepted for processing.


As of October 10, 2022, there are new submittal requirements for Zoning Permits. Please review these newly adopted requirements before submitting your permit application.


A permit is required for all new construction. Typical turnaround time for a Zoning Permit is 48 hours depending on the date the permit is received.

The Town does not issue building permits, this is handled by Union County, however a Zoning Permit from the Town must be obtained in order to receive a building permit. All inquiries regarding what is needed to obtain a Building Permit from Union County should be directed to the Building Code Enforcement Division at 500 North Main Street, Monroe, NC, or by calling 704-283-3816.

Before completing an application for a Zoning Permit for a new home, all applicants, regardless of land area disturbed, must fill out an electronic Notice of Intent (e-NOI) form to receive a Certificate of Coverage (COC) under the NCG01 Permit. A COC is required BEFORE obtaining a Zoning Permit. For directions on filling out the e-NOI, click here.

Permits and Applications

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