NCDOT is responsible for the maintenance of roads within the town limits.

Maintenance issues can be reported here.

Division 10; District 3 covers both Union and Anson Counties.  The District office is located in Monroe.  Contact information can be found here.

Commission to Create Future Transportation Investment Strategy

State Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon, has announced the formation of a commission to develop recommendations for modernizing North Carolina’s transportation investment strategy. The commission will research the impact that emerging technologies, shifting behavior patterns and changing demographics will have on North Carolina’s transportation investment system and then develop new ways to meet the need for critical resources in the future. The N.C. Future Investment Resources for Sustainable Transportation Commission (NC F1RST Commission) consists of a diverse group of North Carolinians with expertise in the fields of finance, business, and public policy. They will work collaboratively for an estimated 18 months before making recommendations for changes to North Carolina’s current transportation investment strategy. The commission will hold its first meeting Friday, May 3, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon in Raleigh.

Intersection Updates:

Tilley Morris and Weddington Matthews Rd - The Town Council has committed funds to this intersection which ranked the project high enough to be funded through STBG-DA funds.  NCDOT has begun the engineering work for a roundabout design and plans to start construction in the summer of 2020.  DRAFT plans can be found here

Rea Road Extension Information:

N.C. Department of Transportation is proposing to extend Rea Road 1.7 miles east from N.C. 16 (Providence Road) to N.C. 84 (Weddington Road) near Twelve Mile Creek Road in Weddington. Proposed work also involves widening 2.7 miles of existing N.C. 84 from two to four lanes from Twelve Mile Creek Road to Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road in Wesley Chapel.  Proposed work would help improve the mobility and connectivity of N.C. 84 in Union County.

The most recent maps (preliminary design and subject to change) from April 2018 can be viewed here:

See a flyover video of the new location and improvements here

Providence Road Widening Project

To reduce travel delays and improve safety, The NCDOT has proposed widening Providence Road between Rea Road and Waxhaw Parkway and constructing a raised median. The proposed design would include reduced conflict intersections, also know as superstreets, at several locations along the route that would redirect some turning movements. The project is U-5769. Here is a link to the visualization presented at the public meeting

Local Area Regional Transportation Plan (LARTP)

The LARTP is a transportation planning tool used by the Town of Weddington.  It addresses long-term transportation needs to maintain a reasonable level of service for motorists.  The final report can be found here.


Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Ordinance and Process and Procedures Manual. 

In 2015 the Weddington Town Council adopted a Traffic Impact Analysis Ordinance that requires any major subdivision, or conditional rezoning, or portion thereof, which is expected to create fifty (50) or more peak hour vehicle trips or 500 or more daily vehicle trips to perform an analysis. This ensures the adequacy of service levels for local, private, and state road intersections that serve or are affected by a proposed project. The TIA Ordinance can be found online under Appendix C

The purpose of the process and procedure manual is to guide implementation of Appendix C, “Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Ordinance”, of the Town of Weddington Zoning Ordinance. This manual contains processes, procedures, design requirements, and guidelines for the preparation of TIAs. This manual also details the interaction between Town staff, the applicant, traffic consultants, and the requirements for the certification and re-certification of qualified traffic consultants who prepare TIAs, as required, for development proposals in the Town of Weddington.