Town of Weddington 2017 Tax Bills

The Town of Weddington Tax Bills were mailed out in July. 

The Town of Weddington’s tax rate for fiscal year 2017-2018 is $0.52 per $100 assessed value.

Taxes are due September 1, 2017 and do not become delinquent until after January 5 2018. After January 5, 2018, any unpaid tax will be charged a 2% interest penalty for the month of January, and an additional ¾% every month thereafter until the bill is paid. Any unpaid tax will be advertised in the local newspaper and an additional advertising fee will be added to each bill. All tax bills that remain unpaid after the delinquency date are subject to authorized enforcement collection measures.

By Mail – Town of Weddington, P.O. Box 745166, Atlanta, GA 30374-5166

By Website –

In House – Town Hall / 1924 Weddington Rd, Weddington NC 28104