Request for Qualifications - Construction Design Services

The Town of Weddington requests statements of qualifications from engineering and landscape design firms to create construction drawings based on concept plans and town feedback.  Letters are due no later than 1:00 pm on Thursday, March 28, 2019.

The RFQ can be found here.


Questions as of 3/26

  1. There is a question asking for “the design approach by the company for this project”. Are you looking for a detailed approach here in regard to when we would meet with the City, when we would submit for permits, who would attend meetings, when we will send plans for review etc. I was leaning towards a bulleted approach for you and wondered if you would find that acceptable?
    • A bulleted approach is acceptable.
  2. There are 5 sheets on the back of the RFQ, Attachment C, to include project references. I was wondering if we need to complete those specific sheets or if we can just include the same information for 5 references within our submittal in a more concise manner?
    • Listing the references in the submittal is acceptable.
  3. We have a completed project that fits almost perfectly with this project and includes an amphitheater, public space, seating, water features etc. but it was completed 12 years ago. I know the RFQ requests projects within the last 5 years but the project I am referring to is such a match with this project that I was wondering if it would be acceptable if submitted with the package.
    • The town is okay including projects form more than 5 years ago if it fits with our vision.