Political Signs

As we enter into the political season, a friendly reminder of the Town Sign Ordinance-

UDO Section D-918.K.2.c. All political signs (shall not require a permit), provided that such signs shall be placed in accordance with the following:

  1. Persons may place signs within the street/road right-of-way no sooner than 30 days prior to "one-stop" early voting and shall be removed by the candidates within ten days after the primary or election day.
  2. Permission is granted from any property owner of a residence, business, or religious institution fronting the right-of-way where a sign would be erected,
  3. No sign shall be closer than three feet from the edge of the pavement of the road.
  4. No sign shall obscure motorist visibility at an intersection.
  5. No sign shall be higher than 42 inches above the edge of the pavement of the road.
  6. No sign shall be larger than 864 square inches.
  7. No sign shall obscure or replace another sign.