Town of Weddington Planning Department

Zoning Permits issued by the Town of Weddington are required for all new principal and accessory structures, additions, and certain remodeling projects within the Town’s corporate limits. Union County issues building permits and provides all building inspection services.

You are responsible for obtaining all necessary building permits from Union County Building Inspections.  You must take your approved zoning permit to the County when you go for your building permits.  The County will not issue building permits without an approved zoning permit from the Town.  The Union County Building Inspections office is located at 500 North Main St., Suite 28, Monroe.  The phone number is (704) 283-3605.  There will be a separate fee paid to Union County for obtaining a building permit.
Fences do not require a zoning permit.  Fences cannot be placed in a street right-of-way.  The maximum height of a fence is five (5) feet, except that within the required rear or side yards the maximum height is eight (8) feet.  Fences should be placed in a manner so that they can be maintained on-site by the property owner.

The Town of Weddington has a strict sign ordinance.  Please check with Town Hall before erecting any temporary or permanent signs and banners.  Directional signs (e.g. real estate signs) are strictly prohibited at all times.
Zoning Permit (New, Accessory, Addition, Upfit, Compliance) Procedures for Obtaining Permits
Conditional Zoning Application Schedule of Fees
Conditional Use Permit Application Land Use Plan Updated
Permanent Sign Application LARTP
Temporary Use Permit Application CTP
Temporary Use Permit Application Checklist Procedures for Zoning Ordinance Enforcement
Modification from Subdivision Ordinance Application Complaint Form
Sales Office Permit Application Chapter 46 - Subdivision Ordinance
Application for Temp Structure (Mobile Homes, construction trailers) Chapter 58 - Zoning Ordinance
Application - R-CD PreSketch Conference Municipal Code Link
Application - Subdivision Sketch Plan Weddington Construction Guidelines
Application - Subdivision Preliminary Plat Traffic Impact Analysis Procedures Manual
Application - Subdivision Final Plat Weddington Land Use Plan
Application - Sales Sign  
Zoning Variance Application Union County
Appeal of Zoning Decision Application Union County GIS
  NCDOT Division 10
  Contact information for road issues


































































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